Lawn Care

When you’re looking for custom, tailored lawn care, you need a company you can rely upon. Like many homeowners, you’d like to have a healthy, beautiful yard; you just don’t have the time for anything beyond basic maintenance. Taylor Land Management LLC, can help by providing top quality, professional lawn care that you can count on.

In the spring, everything begins to grow rapidly after the dormant period of winter. Consider these spring lawn care tips to help bring your yard back to life:

As grass comes out of dormancy from the long winter, it should be checked for lawn diseases, such as dead spots and insects like grubs. Healthy lawns that receive proper year-round yard care and lawn treatments offered by Taylor Land Management LLC programs – tend to be more resistant to disease and pests all year long.

Spring lawn care begins with lawn fertilizing. Proper fertilization of your lawn in the spring is vital because this feeding replenishes the reserves used during the dormant winter period. Spring lawn care can help prevent grassy weeds like crabgrass and the spring season is also a great time to treat lawns with pre-emergents. Spring lawn care services such as proper maintenance of landscaping beds can also prevent weeds. Allowing grass clippings to remain on the lawn after mowing is actually beneficial. This process is known as grass-cycling. After a long winter, check the thatch level to see if the lawn would benefit from dethatching and aeration. As the mowing season begins, be sure to review our lawn care tips for advice on proper lawn mowing techniques and safety procedures.

Lawn Care Tips for the Summer Season

Longer days, more light and more heat mean the height of the growing season – but too much heat can wilt your summer enjoyment. Learn how you can make the most of the season with these summer lawn care tips:

Proper watering and water conservation is important at any time of year, but particularly when heat and a lack of rain lead to water deficits and drought.

Evaluate your lawn regularly for signs of irregular color and texture. These can be signs of damage that may result from pests or disease.

Proper year-round lawn care keeps a lawn healthy and prevents weeds, disease and pests. But sometimes, insects you may not notice can travel from the yard to your home. To stop them, Taylor Land Management LLC recommends pest control to keep the bugs on the outside. You can also reduce their outside presence by treating the lawn for insects such as fleas and ticks and fire ants.

While lawns are generally the focal point of most yards, don’t forget about trees and shrubs. Well-maintained landscaping adds dimensionality to a home and increases its value.